The Additional Protocol to the Council of Europe’s Anti-Doping Convention

The Republic of Belarus has ratified the Additional Protocol to the Council of Europe’s Anti-Doping Convention on January 18, 2018.
The aim of the Protocol is to ensure the mutual recognition of doping controls and to reinforce the application of the Convention (ETS No. 135).

To this end, the Protocol ensures the recognition by States Parties to the Convention of doping controls carried out on sportsmen and women coming from the other States Parties to the Convention. This will obviate the need for the conclusion of multiple bilateral agreements and will increase the effectiveness of anti-doping controls. In the same spirit, the Protocol is the first instrument of international public law, which recognises the competence of the World Anti-Doping Agency to conduct out of competition controls.

With regard to the reinforcement of the application of the Convention, the Protocol sets up a binding monitoring mechanism. This monitoring will be carried out by an evaluation team, which will make a visit to the State concerned, followed by an evaluation report.

The Additional Protocol will enter into force in Belarus from the 1st of May 2018.

The Convention and the Additional Protocol are available on the Council of Europe official website: