In 2016 more than 60 events were held or supported by the Council of Europe Information Point in Minsk.

We would like to present the most significant events conducted or supported by us among many others:

  • the regional conference "Professional Training for Judges and Prosecutors: Approach of the Council of Europe" 28-29 April 2016. The main objective of this event was to identify the most acute training needs of legal professionals and to inform the participants of the new ways to integrate the European Court of Human Rights case law into the training materials for judges and prosecutors. The conference participants shared best practices for professional training and country-specific experiences (;
  • the international forum of women leaders “Equal Opportunities for a Better Future”, 21-22 June 2017. The forum covered a wide range of issues, from the new approaches to unleashing and mobilizing the potential of female leadership to the role of men as allies in achieving equality between women and men (;
  • the workshop on the Council of Europe Convention on the counterfeiting of medical products and similar crimes involving threats to public health (the MEDICRIME Convention) 7 July 2016. Within the framework of the workshop the key provisions of the MEDICRIME Convention were presented, specific features of its implementation were discussed, the possibility of amending the belarusian legislation before accession to the MEDICRIME Convention was discussed (;
  • the Council of Europe Information Point in Minsk supported the preparation of the student team of the Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University for the René Cassin European Human Rights Moot Court Competition which was held 22-24 March 2017 in Strasbourg. The BSU team took the sixth place and became the first among the teams speaking French as a foreign language (;
  • the student essay competition Сombating hate speech: making the internet a better place for human rights” was organized 1-30 September 2016. The winners of the competition visited the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg (France) 7-9 November 2016. The competition was held in order to involve students in the fight against racism and discrimination in all areas of daily life, including Enternet, as well as to disseminate the information about No Hate Speech Movement organized by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe and supported in the states members of the Organisation and outside of it. (;
  • second Regional meeting under the CyberCrime@EAP III project “Improving Public/Private Cooperation on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence in the Eastern Partnership Region” was held 19 – 20 September 2016. Within the framework of the meeting such issues as the work of the Cybercrime Convention Committee, development of the online cooperation platform, as well as the specific aspects of legal regulations were discussed. The detailed activity plan for 2016-2017 was discussed and adopted on the meeting (;
  • the methodological workshop “Comprehensive approach to the formation of a barrier-free environment. Challenges and Strategies” was held 21 September 2016. The main objective of the seminar was to develop a comprehensive approach in creating an accessible environment for supporting normal human life of people with disabilities, taking into account provisions of the European Social Charter (;
  • support was provided to the training seminar "Juvenile Justice - Justice for Minors" 6 October 2016 (more details about the seminar can be found following the link to the website of the Institute for retraining and qualification upgrading of judges, prosecutors and legal professionals at the Belarusian State University (only russian version of the article is available);
  • the international seminar “Best anti-doping program implementation models”  22 November 2016 (more details – following the link to the website of the National Anti-Doping Agency of Belarus;
  • the training seminar “Ensuring human rights protection in pre-trial proceedings in criminal matters” 24 November 2016 (details – on the website of the Institute for retraining and qualification upgrading of judges, prosecutors and legal professionals at Belarusian State University following the link;
  • the conference “Abolition of death penalty and public opinion” was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and with the financial support of the United Kingdom Magna Carta Fund 13 December 2016. The following questions were discussed during the conference: the methods of working with public opinion, certain aspects of the law enforcement practice in the context of death penalty abolition, the ability of the civil society to help the state form the public opinion (;
  • support was provided to the seminar on bioethics 14 December 2016. Such issues as the Council of Europe’s legal instruments in the domain of biomedical research, organ transplantation and genetic testing as well as the results achieved by Belarus in this area were discussed in the course of the seminar (