Second Regional meeting under the CyberCrime@EAP III project organised by the Council of Europe

Second Regional meeting under the CyberCrime@EAP III project organised by the Council of Europe “Improving Public/Private Cooperation on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence in the Eastern Partnership Region” was held in Minsk, 19 – 20 September 2016

Cooperation between criminal justice authorities and private sector entities, including in particular service providers, is essential to protect society against crime. Such cooperation concerns primarily access by police and prosecution services to data held by service providers for criminal justice purposes, but also the sharing of information and experience, as well as training.

In recent years, the question of public/private cooperation and specifically the issue of criminal justice access to data have become more complex. Often, local and multinational service providers are reluctant to cooperate, criminal justice measures and national security measures are not clearly separated, and public trust is limited. Moreover, law enforcement powers such as those foreseen in the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime are not always clearly defined in criminal procedure law, and this adversely affects law enforcement/service provider cooperation as well as human rights and the rule of law.

Joint European Union/Council of Europe project on Improving Public/Private Cooperation on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence in the Eastern Partnership Region (Cybercrime@EAPIII) aims to support countries of the Eastern Partnership region to strengthen the current modalities for cooperation with the private sector (public-private cooperation) in cybercrime and electronic evidence. This will be achieved through improved capacities of institutions, reform of legislative framework, and support for common platforms for exchange of information and experience.

The work under the project will rely on the relevant standards of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime and other applicable standards and best practices for public-private cooperation, including but not limited to the “Guidelines for the cooperation between law enforcement and internet service providers in the investigation of cybercrime” adopted by the Council of Europe’s Octopus Conference in 2008.

The Minsk Regional Meeting was a follow-up to the Launching event of the Cybercrime@EAP III project that was held in April 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine, and introduced the country project teams from all six Eastern Partnership states to the main concepts and requirements of public-private cooperation in cybercrime.

One of the central themes for the meeting was presentation of the main findings of the study on public-private cooperation in the Eastern Partnership, which had been undertaken in April to August 2016 with study visits to each of the project countries. The meeting also discussed best practices of public-private cooperation, work of the Cybercrime Convention Committee, development of the online cooperation platform for the project stakeholders from the government and the industry and specific issues of legal regulations. Detailed workplan for numerous in-country and international activities of the project for the remainder of 2016 and further in 2017 was and adopt during the meeting.