The workshop for the BSU law faculty's students

On April 16, 2014 the workshop on the European system of human rights was held for the 2nd year students of the BSU law faculty, which was organized by the CoE Infopoint in Minsk. The workshop was conducted by Mr Sergey Dikman and Ms Tatyana Termachich, CoE representatives from its division for the promotion of human rights at the national level. During the training the CoE Infopoint’s director, Mr Viachaslau Yarashevich, together with Mr Plamen Nikolov from Strasbourg, presented the Council of Europe and its activities in Belarus through the Infopoint. Students expressed their interest in the CoE’s activities, notably in the human rights sphere. They were also provided with informational materials, in particular, with the book “European Convention on Human Rights and Criminal Justice”.