Visit of Ms Aheichava in Brest


The Council of Europe Information Point's Administrative Assistant Katsiaryna Aheichava has recently taken part in the plenary session of the national seminar "Academic and Methodological Aspects of Human Rights Education". It was held on 28-29 May 2014 at the A. S. Pushkin Brest State University, and was attended by Belarusian academics, students, representatives of non-government organisations, as well as by  Mr. V. Radivinovskiy from the UN, and professors T. Shirrmaher (head of the International Society for Human Rights) and K. Shirrmaher from Germany.

Ms. Aheichava made a presentation about the work of the Council of Europe within the framework of the international technical assistance project ”Functioning of the Council of Europe Information Point in Minsk in 2014-2015". She also discussed prospects for further cooperation with representatives of the A. S. Pushkin Brest State University, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, and other participants of the seminar.