Круглый стол "Защита социальных прав: белорусский и европейский опыт"

The round table “Protection of social rights: Belarussian and European experience” was held in Minsk on 19 June. The activity was organised by the Department of the European Social Charter and the Conference of INGOs in collaboration with the Council of Europe Information Point in Minsk.

The purpose of the round table was to promote social rights in Belarus, in particular to provide authorities with advice and encourage them to develop a national policy aiming to bring the Belarusian legislation and practice in conformity with the norms of the European Social Charter in view of the acceptance of the Charter at the appropriate time. 

Among the participants were representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Belarus, professors of law of BSU, MITSO and BrSU named after A. S. Pushkin, representatives of Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus,NGO "Scientific and Industrial Association of Belarus"… and representatives of the Council of Europe. In particular - Mr Régis BRILLAT, Head of the Department of the European Social Charter, Executive Secretary of the European Committee of Social Rights, Council of Europe; Ms Danuta WIŚNIEWSKA-CAZALS, Secretariat of the European Social Charter, Council of Europe; FrançoisVANDAMME, General Councilor, Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Concentration, Division of International Affairs, Representative of Belgiumto the Governmental Committee of the European Social Charter and the European Code of Social Security and Ms Annelise OESCHGER, President of the Committee of Human Rights, the Council of Europe Conference of INGOs. During the round table participants discussed a number of questions connected with the mechanism of social and economic rights protection in Europe and Belarus, particularly protection of the rights of workers and vulnerable groups through the European social charter and recent Belarusian legislation.